Step 1 - medical records

Every patient looking for medical marijuana certification (medical marijuana card) will need to provide medical records stating at least one qualifying condition.


  • You do not need to provide your entire medical records, but only a record stating your qualifying condition. For example, a copy of the visit note from a physician who primarily treats your qualifying condition at present, or a letterhead from your primary care physician or specialist stating your qualifying condition.
  • If available, we highly recommend that you include information about the tests and treatments you have had for your qualifying condition. If you are not sure what type of tests or treatments are relevant to your qualifying condition, simply call our office at 203.951.5700 or e-mail us at and we will be glad to assist you.
  • If you are unsure whether the records you currently have are sufficient and would like the physician to review your records before scheduling an appointment, we provide such service free of charge.


how to submit your records (if you already have them):

  1. you can upload it directly to our medical records system at the time of filling in pre-visit electronic patient forms
  2. or send it to our secure e-mail:
  3. or fax it to REN Health at 203.951.5702
  4. or bring it in person on the day of your appointment



Please contact your primary care physician or a specialist who established the diagnosis and/or is treating you for the qualifying condition at present. For your convenience, we have attached the Medical Records Release Form below. Please fill in this form and fax, e-mail, or bring it to the provider who has your records. 

Note: We have included Patient Rights regarding the release of medical records in this form. It may take up to thirty (30) days to release your medical records. You can expedite the process by obtaining your records in person.