Longevity Program

Add years of healthy living by participating in our 5-Step Longevity Program, a program created and directed by Dr. Alex Bibikau.

REN Health Longevity Program is designed to improve an individual's health, well-being, and quality of life. Through longevity consultations we are able to determine a baseline of health and identify opportunities for improvement. Dr. Bibikau will review all applicable preventive measures you may undertake, including genetic testing, screening for preventable diseases, and create a plan with you of how to address them in a timely manner. The physician will take the time to discuss all relevant life style modifications you can adopt that have been shown to directly impact health and longevity. Personal consultation with the doctor also involves discussion of all dietary techniques, including proven food choices and supplements, that can prevent disease and add years of healthy living. Our mission is to promote wellness and longevity through an individualized program that helps patients achieve their optimal health.

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